About With Care Jewelry

With Care Jewelry specializes in divine and detailed jewelry for moody flower lovers, obsessive book worms, erudite antiquarians, and pragmatic romantics of all types of stripes.
The current font of inspiration flows with Victorian architectural detail, the sea, mythical creatures, and old-time sentiment. Maxims, bon-mots, and cheeky toasts are similarly welcome.
With Care is the creation of Elizabeth Novak, who started buying so many antique jewelry findings in the winter of 2011 that she needed justification for her financial investment. Based in Providence, RI, the specter of the once-booming jewelry industry casts a long shadow over the dark, fine, and clever aesthetic for which she is known. With Care is not a brand dedicated to serving fashion folks or jewelry-lovers. Instead, the ideal clientele might not even think they could like jewelry. They like thoughtful choices! esoteric references! character building minutae! And that, friends, is a thing With Care Jewelry has by the armful. (Earfull. Neckfull. Fingerfull. Wherever you want to wear it.)