Top Ten, 2017

They say, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." right? 


Manifest this, Future!


1. This Blog

Or that I am finally getting around to it. Making plans and sticking to them has been a big deal for me this year. What I always planned on for this website was a small space where I could write, improve my listicle cadence, share resources, promote media, present research, improve my search results, talk about myself, and post pretty pictures. I did it. At least once.

2. Taking No Shit

I was reminded during a trip back to my hometown in New Jersey that cutting through bullshit is the birthright of my people. How else are you expected to hold space in the most densely populated state in the nation? I took this idea back to New England, a land of people who are either overly curt and calloused OR soft and mild. Is there such a thing as being too tolerant? This year, I opened my yap and rolled out my barbaric yawp often, exhibiting the Liz that my friends have come to love and that I (secretly) adore...even if she can be a bit of a jerk.

3. Plants

Girls just wanna have ferns.


4. Home Improvement 

Having a comfortable zone is important to mental as well as physical health. 2017 was the year that I finally learned how to have a house I actively enjoy living in without the sparkly, far-away aspirations of how much I will enjoy the house once I get around to tackling this or that. Appreciation of a thing is a powerful force. So is weekly vacuuming, turns out.

5. New Emojis

First, there was the "I'm gonna puke" emoji. Then, there was the "I'm projectile vomiting all over" emoji. Now, I don't need to use words no more.

6. Friends

The thing that they don't tell you about getting older is that you may come upon these fallow periods of friendship when all of your close mates and your besties and your BBFs change or move or both. Maybe your b-team retreats as well (no shame. We all have a friendship b-team.) I imagine that purposefully making friends when you are older is much like dating. Horrifying. But just keep going out there with an open heart and a calm mind. Unlike being a youngster, it's not about spending endless days together until you develop your own language. Sometimes it's nice to have a person you only see for 3 hours at a time, once every 2 months. Those people are important and beloved, too. I like my new friends.

7. Doing Less//Doing Better

Do fewer things and do those things better. It's a tonic for the soul.

8. Financial Stability

I mean, not totally. Financial stability does mean many things to many people and the roughest part is that it is not a static thing. The "stability" part is a real misnomer. For me, this means bringing in enough money by doing my thing that I can comfortably cover all of my expenses, save a bit for the future, and have some left over for some nice treats. 2016 was unkind to many and it nearly took me out of the game. 2017 was an uptick. Phew. I just want life to feel like less of a rickety bridge.

9. Conspiracy Podcasts

They don't seem as funny anymore but still a fine distraction from the cringing sensation brought on by the above-the-table reality.

10. Seltzer Water

Still the undisputed king of clear beverages. Polar Seltzer > La Croix, BTW.


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