Careful Selections: A Collection of Vintage, French Carnival Rides

("Careful Selections" is a series of wonderful things culled from around the internet- often historical, architectural, or collections-based. Knowledge of them will certainly make your very nice life even better.)

I have an undisputed affinity for entertainment architecture, possibly stemming from my childhood on the seashores of New Jersey: bookended by Asbury Park to the north and Atlantic City to south. If that was the cause of- or if my attention to these things was merely a symptom of- preferring the highly-controlled, highly-fantastical built world of amusement parks, carnivals, casinos, and entertainment zones of all kinds, I'm unsure but, the aesthetic result is long-lasting. Give me chipping lead paint, plaster, a sea shell, the absence of clocks, flashing lights, and the smell of something fried.

This auction house catalog of the personal collection of Marcel Campion is staying on my hard drive, and possibly being professionally printed out, as a visual reference for a long time to come.

Campion lacked the funds to turn his live-long collection of fair ground fun and ephemera into a viable museum. Very sad face.

Below are a few quick picks of my favorite items but I encourage you to download and peruse the catalog, located here.

If you have a time machine and a couple extra Euros to toss around, maybe some of it can be yours.


Cornette de Saint Cyr Catalog Cover 

Fat Lady side show posters

Antique carnival wheels of chance

Antique Carnival Rides

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