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Hand of Sabazius.

Image from Alcuni monumenti del Museo Carrafa, brought to my attention by my forever-love, The Public Domain Review. More information on the Museum of Giovanni Carafa can be found in this article. Hands of Sabazius are connected to an obscure ancient Roman cult whose members are believed to the have worshiped this god of fertility and vegetation alongside Zeus and Dionysus. The ever-wonderful Atlas Obscura hits us with a brief but informative introduction to this religious off-shoot here.

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Barrington, Rhode Island. 1/28/2018.

I told the dogs that I would take them on an adventure in the sunshine and relative warmth of Saturday but then *accidentally* used up all of the daylight hours running errands and going to a new antique store. Whoops. Sunday was almost as warm but without the sunny disposition. The dogs indulged me while I combed the beach at the top of the bay, plastic bag tied to my waist, for interesting "specimens". Atmospheric conditions were exquisite.     I came home with a sea sponge the size of a football. Very satisfied.

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Accidental Poetry 001.

The world is magical: sometimes by accident, sometimes by force-of-hand. Antique wooden type specimen books are a great source of "accidental" poetry. It is my great pleasure to share some shots of the ones that I have found in the wild as well as the ones that dwell in the internet.   Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders, Etc. (1874)  William H. Page via The Public Domain Review

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