Likeable Things: The Project Apollo Archive. October 23 2015

Maybe it was that lunar eclipse but I have been even more space-brained than usual, these days. Mostly, this affectation results in watching too many OG Star Trek episodes until an unreasonable hour (particularly on weeknights). Thank goodness for the newly released Project Apollo Flickr account. Now I can chase my brain down a lunar tunnel of absolute reality* 

Let's be straight, there are hundreds and hundreds of pictures documenting the Apollo missions and, just like in terrestrial analogue photography, they ain't all winners. But on the frames that do work, I'm almost in tears. There is a delicate, fragile, entirely human nature to these photographs that I have never seen in any other first hand reference material regarding  United States manned space exploration. And yes, I have touched that moon rock at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

There is something beautiful in living on the edge of the void. We romanticize the hell out of drug-addicted artists, musicians, and writers. We lionize a self-inflicted gloom as if it could be a short cut to some deeper morality or purer truth. Is it a stab at editing; removing the flesh to get at the nut? What makes you see more clearly than the hard contrast of the known human form, augmented with a base, clunking technology, cast in a blank, unknowable space? The product is raw and sweet and so familiar. Tactile and touching.