Sewing for the Weekend: Colette Pattern's Cooper Backpack from the Walden Collection. June 21 2015

Colette Patterns tops my list of independent pattern companies. I have a bunch of their designs and I enthusiastically subscribe to their electronic monthly magazine, Seamwork. All of their work is fine and thorough, from website to copy. I credit them, alongside a handful of other small companies for getting me back into sewing for myself.
I was super excited by the release of their "Cooper" backpack design as part of the menswear-ish "Walden" collection. It took me a while to get around to making it but I am so glad that I did! Very fun to make according to the instructions but also a great project to customize. I am going to have to rationalize owning a small heard of backpacks.
And, it is the perfect size. 
This one is Cooper v1.0. Made from navy cotton duck (soon to be waxed, currently raw), olive nylon lining, 1" wide straps of brown webbing, braided leather detailing, and, the true nerdy touch, hand made brass hardware that I had cast alongside some of my jewelry. I love it so much that I decided to hold a small photo shoot for it while out on a bike ride in Warwick, RI. Infinite thanks to Ms. Chelsea Gunn for being a patient model in a public setting.