The How and The Why: What's with Those Arrows. April 27 2015

"The How and The Why" is a floating column of my explaining and exploring why I choose and use the parts, findings, and ideas that I do as well as any other bits or details of interest pertaining to the subject at hand. Today: arrows.



I am, maybe forever, a fool for these little, cast arrows. 

I found them in a box, on a shelf, in a very large room that was filled with other boxes upon other boxes; boxes stacked to infinity. Possibly even beyond. In that, the meeting was pure chance. A short-coming of human vision is that it can only hold focus on one point at a time and, at this time, there were thousands of points demanding focus, focus, focus.

So, I had a box of little arrows. They were cast white metal, plated copper, and malleable. They were softer and smaller than the China-struck arrow stampings flooding the jewelry design scene at the time. The detail was very fine. Visions of merit badges danced in my head.

Since I insisted on affixing them to everything, the tiny arrow reserve dwindled at a steady clip. In kind, my metal skills grew and I quickly learned that white metal and hard soldering are not compatible, no matter how much you may want them to be. The solution was to reproduce them. Molded and cast, the design has second life. And, if I have my say, it will continue for a third, fourth, fifth... Let's keep the good things going.