Shoot! A With Care Jewelry Lookbook. August 06 2014

After many false-starts, grunts, groans, a tear here-or-there, at least 3 learning curves, and some slight carpal tunnel action, I am proud to bring you the first ever With Care Jewelry lookbook!

This installation begins at the beginning: cast arrows and guns in silver, brass, and bronze. While many lookbooks seem to showcase items by season, I decided to classify this one by theme. In fact, I spent a long time wavering over what was going to happen. I knew that I wanted a set of images that could best be described as a "lookbook"- marketing images of a specific collection or style. Traditionally, this is a print-based endeavor but, when you are poor and starting out, the internet can be a much more accommodating place. I still like you, physical objects. I really, really do.

I feel like, for the arrows and guns, I had used loftier names and ideas in the past but, when thinking about "how do I create this visual thing?", I found that I had so many vibez grooving around my head that every concept quickly sunk into murkiness. Keeping it simple, building a framework, felt like the best bet. I had a long talk (and pancake dinner) with my friend who was going to photograph this amorphous "book". We looked through magazines and websites while discussing images, what worked, what didn't, what we liked, and what we really, really hated (flower crowns. ugh.)

With this in mind, I was like, "Okay. Name: "Shoot". Concept: Things that shoot/things that can be shot. Props: apples, blindfold, target, human female. YES."

I gotta pause here and get a little grousey. Because most jewelry lookbooks annoy me. Hand holding necklaces. White girl with long hair wearing too many... everythings. Hands with rings photographed against nude back. No one looking at the camera. Topless cause you're "edgy". 

Please, please, no more.

Since I see "brand building" as more of an experiment in "world building", I've made/am making it a point to work with interesting people. People that I like or admire or people who DO things. Not that other models are dull but, take Lola, our girl up top, for example. She's a nurse practitioner at a care center for "the youths" in NYC as well as a staff writer for ROOKIE Magazine. She also penned this blazing article on IUDs for The Hairpin and is the actual owner of this. We met in Washington DC and have 11 years of friendship under our belt... even though she started off our relationship by spending 15 minutes deciding on what candy to buy at a bodega and eventually chose a roll of Necco Waffers.

Not only do I want to show you my cool jewels and little things, and I most certainly would like for you to take one home and make it your own, I want to show off my friends and their friends and our collective skills. I want to say, "Look! I made this thing! And it was with the help of this awesome person. And a friend who can do one thing but also is really excellent at this other thing. Look at us putting our skills together! Look at this world that we can make with our hands and our minds! Why, oh why, would I want to be anywhere else?"