Welcome! June 30 2014

Welcome to the new, the exciting, the long awaited WITH CARE JEWELRY ACTUAL WEB SHOP!


Here we are, bouncing into the blaring, bright future of e-commerce: no adult supervision, no problems. Fear not, if you were and/or are an Etsy shop fan, many items will still be for sale via that venue (plus a few things that you cannot find on this site). While up and running, this shop is still under much construction so bear in mind that new items, photos, layouts, and ideas are being added by the WC staff (that is: "me") everyday.


Keep peeping back here for With Care related content. New products! New fan art! (we just LOVE fan art! *hint hint*) Behind the scenes photographs, sales, events and more should all be entered into this space- all in good time.

For more ephemerally related topics and photos, please be sure to check out the With Care Jewelry Blog-a-Go-Go! Ideally, it will see more quality updates once I am finished this shop-steading. Or when I am able to create a perfect clone of myself with no other needs or desires.


Cheers. To the future!

-Liz Novak